Stephanie is a butterfly

HI I'm Stephanie!
I am 16
4th of July Baby <3

I follow back active blogs <3
I am 4'11 and 3 quarter tall!
I blog and reblog things I think are funny and cute!

<3 <3 <3 <3
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Still getting over the Arrested Development references in Frozen.

Has anyone in this family ever even SEEN a chicken?

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It is my last show and I just wanted to say, being out here with my co-anchors, and my dear friend, and my husband- is the perfect way to end. This is the job I always wanted, and I had the best time, and I met the best people. And I just want to thank the crew, and the cast, and especially the writers and Lorne, and thank you very much.

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favorite quotes from Freaks and Geeks

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